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Unveil every aspect to forge your solution

In-depth problem insights at your fingertips

User group identification

Discover who is directly impacted by the problem, ensuring your solution meets real needs.

Customer Segment Clarity

Gain insights into the demographics, behaviors, and preferences of your target market, painting a comprehensive picture of who your buyers are.

Contextual Jobs-to-be-done

Understand the specific situations, tasks, or objectives that lead users to encounter the problem, providing a framework for targeted solutions.

Pain points

Delve into the challenges and frustrations faced, to craft solutions that truly resonate.


Precise filters for targeted search

Launch date

Choose from options like last month, last quarter, or last year to catch the newest ventures.

Customer type

Options include B2C, SMEs, Enterprises, and more, catering to your interests.

Business model

choose from SaaS, marketplace, hardware, and others.

Funding status

Explore options like VC-funded, angel investor-backed, or recently funded.

Geographic relevance

Find startup ideas not yet in your country, region-specific like Europe, or other geographical criteria.

Required skills

Align ideas with your expertise – filters like "match my skills" or "leverage my skills" connect you with ideas that fit your skill set.


Discover VC-backed startup ideas tailored to your interests. Explore globally successful concepts ripe for adaptation in your market.