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How it works

Explore, Adapt, Succeed

Tailored Idea Discovery

Search for startup ideas by industry, target user group, or specific Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) criteria to align with your interests.

Local Market Adaptation

Find innovative ideas not yet explored in your country, offering unique opportunities for local market adaptation.

De-risked Ideas at Your Fingertips

Access startup ideas that have received VC funding, ensuring you explore ideas with proven market interest.

Fresh and Emerging Concepts

Discover recently launched startups, staying ahead with the latest trends and innovative solutions.

Comprehensive Idea Profiles

Delve into detailed descriptions including user groups, JTBD, problems tackled, solutions proposed, business models, and required skills.

Trending Topics Insight

Identify hot topics addressed by multiple startups and track patterns in VC funding rounds to gauge market momentum.


Precise filters for targeted search

Launch date

Choose from options like last month, last quarter, or last year to catch the newest ventures.

Customer type

Options include B2C, SMEs, Enterprises, and more, catering to your interests.

Business model

choose from SaaS, marketplace, hardware, and others.

Funding status

Explore options like VC-funded, angel investor-backed, or recently funded.

Geographic relevance

Find startup ideas not yet in your country, region-specific like Europe, or other geographical criteria.

Required skills

Align ideas with your expertise – filters like "match my skills" or "leverage my skills" connect you with ideas that fit your skill set.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reforgify?

Reforgify is an AI-driven platform designed to help innovators and entrepreneurs discover and adapt successful startup ideas from around the globe.

How does Reforgify source its startup ideas?

Reforgify utilizes advanced AI algorithms to process publicly available information, aggregating a wide range of data on startups from across the internet.

How current is the information on startups provided by Reforgify?

Our platform regularly updates its database, reflecting the latest publicly shared information by startups, ensuring you have access to current data.

What is the cost of using Reforgify?

Currently in its alpha phase, Reforgify is free to use. We plan to introduce paid plans in the future, offering additional features and benefits.


Discover VC-backed startup ideas tailored to your interests. Explore globally successful concepts ripe for adaptation in your market.